Őrség and the Subalpine region biking atlas (map / guide)

Spiral bound 120 pages atlas (A5 format)  of Western Hungary (Őrség, Vas county, Land of Vends, Subalpine region) with 23 tour descriptions.


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       Beside of the land routes the guides displays city maps too.    Abounding in unusual folk monuments, natural features and historic treasures, it is justly a popular goal for tourists from both home and abroad. The large towns are particularly significant: Szombathely, the county seat rich in monuments; the elegant little town of Kőszeg is proud of its valuable historic memorials; Szentgotthárd is the most westerly town in the country; and Körmend, the onetime seat of the Batthyány family. The valuable sights of smaller settlements, though, are also presented in the guide.

    Those who love bathing can find outstanding therapeutic baths in Bükfürdő and Sárvár. Or those who like bathing in the open air can take a refreshing dip in the lakes.