Fertő/Neusiedler See for mobile devices

Tourist-biking and watersport  map  for mobile devices and tablets


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      GPS compatible map for mobile devices can be purchased on AvenzaMaps website,. If you open this shop (www.map.hu) on the mobile device, you can directly download the free application AvenzaMaps and clicking the relevant link. also the desired map  

     A purchased map may be downloaded several times by a user (for example, to load the map on different devices). It is also possible to reload the map on the same device, if you had deleted a map not in use because of lack on memory.

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Fertő/Neusiedler See /Waasen, Leithagebirge tourist and biking map for mobile devices

   Fertő/Neusiedler See /Waasen, Leithagebirge related larger scale inset maps can be bought also on AvenzaMaps page

Nagycenk, Fertőboz, Hidegség
Szigetköz, Waasen, Seewinkel 1:75.000