Cycling around Hungary guide / atlas /map

Large scale spiral bound atlas with routing offers and detailed 111 page guide in English and German

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     100 recommended tours cover the whole territory of Hungary. An easy to use travel guide in German and English depicts the significant sights and gives useful information. As a new feature appear the Hungarian sections of the EuroVelo routes, as well as the sections connecting with neighbouring countries. Many hundreds of variants on the 100 recommended tours are possible.


     The atlas covers the whole country at 1:250,000 on very clear detailed road maps overprinted with the 100 selected routes and their variants, including two EuroVelo routes: No. 6 along the Danube and No. 11 along the Bodrog and the Tisza. The overprint indicates sections along paved bicycle paths or cycle lanes, “cycle-friendly” stretches, routes on dirt tracks, intermediate distances, and locations of hire/maintenance bike shops. For GPS users, latitude at longitude grid is at 10’ intervals.

    Each route is listed separately in the introductory part of the atlas with a list of towns and villages, total length and a brief description of landscape, road conditions and general ambiance. Additional information specifically for cyclists includes a list rental and maintenance shops, plus an enlargement for the Budapest area.

    Many hundreds of variants on the 100 recommended tours are possible. The tours are mainly along quiet main roads or byroads, in places on cycle paths marked with red signs, and occasionally on dirt roads. There are special tours along river embankments. The tour routes often pass through or alongside nature reserves or conservation areas.

     The Sights section contains an outline, in three languages, of the most important sights in Hungarian towns and villages (monuments, museums, archaeological and ethnographic memorials, natural beauty spots, nature reserves), and other important information: information offices, recommended accommodation (hotels, motels, youth hostels, camp sites), cycle maintenance and hire shops.

     This compilation is ideal for cyclists, and may be used en route, or when the trip is planned. The fine photographs illustrating the publication whet your appetite for touring, or help you choose a goal for your trip.